Providing customized personal training services for adults, youth, seniors and athletes wherever you are.

At Unified Strength, our focus is on functional strength training. We design programs for all fitness levels.

Senior Training

Fitness is important at any age. Exercise promotes greater mobility and youthfulness. We will develop a program customized to your needs. We want to challenge you while considering your fitness and mobility level. You will have one on one training with our certified trainers to guide you every step along the way. Unified Strength focuses on delivering you a service that is tailored to your needs and will grow with you as you realize your fitness goals. Our trainers will always provide the necessary equipment needed to get you to where you need to be. We have monthly and prepaid package plans available.

Youth Training

Activities specially designed for youth to get them moving in a way that they think is simply fun! Our trainers have many proven routines that will focus on conditioning, coordination, flexibility, balance and strength training. Full attention will be provided to youth when in the care of Unified Strength Personal Training. We will build a life long passion for fitness and an active lifestyle. We have monthly and prepaid package plans available.


Sports based training, focusing on gaps in performance and overall body composition. Football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse and wrestling are our expertise. We have monthly and prepaid package plans available.

Outdoor Training

Utilizing hills, trails, playgrounds and other obstacles, our trainer will provide fun and impactful fitness routines that will challenge you.

Specialty Training

Expert training for those preparing for CPAT (The Candidate Physical Ability Test) and PREP (Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police).


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